Corbyn Anti-Austerity Speech

“The issues that we are facing are quite simply this: We lost office in 2010 on the back of a financial crisis brought about by the banking collapse in the USA, and consequent collapse here. It was brought about by crazy investments, by subprime mortgage crisis, by the greed of bankers, by the lack of regulation. It was brought about by a whole lot of circumstances.
It was not caused by the alleged overpayments of nurses, street cleaners, factory workers or anybody else.
It was not brought about by the benefits system or the cost of the national health system. And we were told that the only way forward was to: set an arbitrary date to move back into budget surplus, an arbitrary date by which would pay down the debt.
Incidentally, the debt is gone up under George Osborne, not down, and that as a result we would have to be austerity.
Austerity being: cuts in public expenditure, loss of several hundred thousand jobs in the civil service, wage freeze for public sector workers, cuts in benefits, cuts in living standard the of poorest, freeze on council house building virtually throughout the country and the results? what are the results?

Really the richest five families in Britain the, richest five families. The fingers of one hand hold the equivalents of the total wealth of twenty percent of the entire population. The richest 30 families… 300families own equivalent of 30%. We live in a grotesquely unequal society and that inequality is getting worse.

My objection to austerity is that it is not an economic formula. It is a political formula about rebalancing our society; possibly an image of the nineteen thirties. In probability in George Osborne’s mind more likely the eighteen thirties.

It is all about rebranding our society, reducing the role of public services, they are increasingly putting the bill onto the individual.
Indeed David Cameron was thinking aloud a few weeks ago, saying, how about we get rid of national insurance and just have individual insurance as well. but it might work very well if you’re wealthy families, have individual insurance to guarantee itself against any ill comes about.

The whole point, the whole point of national insurance and the welfare state is that we all protect each other we’re all protected.

You have to ask questions, this austerity and inequality – what’s it doing?
slicing up local authority budgets, slicing up our household budgets, closing libraries, closing facilities for the elderly, closing care centers, closing lots of things and privatizing, privatizing, privatizing all along the way.

The numbers of families in Liverpool that hit the cause of the combination of the change in tax credits and benefit cuts. Half of all the families in liverpool are going to be hit by this budget,or this welfare bill that’s gone through.

That is a strategy they’re following.

Now if I asked all of you to put your hand up if you supported the principle of a health service free at the point of use, as a human right you’ll say yes, no question.
You say absolutely yes.
It was a great achievement of the postwar labor government. It’s the great achievement of an Nye Bevin, that he managed to push it through at a time when the two hundred and fifty percent is now eighty percent that government invested in people in home in the future

this question is the one every time I see somebody living on the streets I’m shocked. When I go to flats and houses around the country where children are growing up in grossly overcrowded conditions on show. Families view the onset of the school summer holidays with dreaded, children will no longer get a freeschool meal and possibly free school breakfasts.
There is something deeply wrong about this country and a society that is prepared to tolerate the levels of inequality, desperation, destitution and poverty that exists.
We don’t another’s we I think to take a bowl principle that moral principle is quite simply this if society can provide health and education for all, could also provide housing for all, it can also ensure we have a social security system, that gives real security.

So I want any future government, successful or otherwise, to be measured by all the normal economic indices that there. But I also want to be measured by the levels of poverty, reducing the number of children, the no longer going hungry, the number of people that no longer sleeping on the streets, the number of people that are able to live and contribute normally within our society are possible – is that read by Alex is getting concerned about the time. He’s always concerned about the time. It’s something that concerns Alex a great deal.

So where is it briefly mentioned because I think they’re very important.
The first is education and the education system as a whole. Children, preschool education. To me every child has the option of a free place in preschool education. It shouldn’t be a lottery, it shouldn’t be based on income.
It should be based on the needs of the child.
Children’s socialization before they get to school is something that is very important. The children’s centres surestart were a great step forward. It’s tragic the way they’ve been destroyed. At the moment the company provides something decent for children, but the Tories have other ideas, and the other ideas later on in the school age to turn primary and secondary schools into academies. And any council wants to open a free school can do so. Many councils want to open a normal state community comprehensive. Forget it, has no money available for it.

I dont wanna close any schools. But I do want to strengthen the whole concept of the local education authority, the family of schools and bring those academies and free schools back into 2010. and while we’re on with it, insist in every school is someone actually qualified to teach seems to make sense to me. Quite a good idea. But with leaders of integrated party in the same way that medical professions are being denigrated now, merely because they’ve raised concerns about the idea of seven day working without the necessary new staff recruitment and changes that can make that a reality.
But there is another issue. And that is the way in which working-class youngsters get a chance to go to college and go to university. The changes to education mean that many young people simply don’t want to say on its cool photo and therefore miss out on a level, miss out on the chance of going to university. Those that do go to university – I was talking to young man today who just graduated with a rally in Preston, and I congratulate him on things go well and he was very pleased with the degree. He deserves congratulations, worked hard on his A-levels, worked hard, went to university worked hard, got a degree and he’s now got that level of debt.
In the first place i voted against it, what it was when it was put up there with 3,021 up to 9,000 and I think we have to look at ourselves and say people for being educated, because if somebody is a good engineer, somebody is a good doctor, good surveyor – all the other things that we all benefit. The good doctor will benefit, you know that, you know the reality. it’s not just individual. Education is for the society as a whole. We could raise the corporation tax instead of cutting it by 2%, raise it by naught point by noting. I’m shocked by the way around the world regulation but also technology. people in refugee camps in Libya those desperate people with prime minister stopping a world of condemnation of people when somebody is desperate. they do desperate things, humans and reach out to those humans are trying to help them one level everyone matters.
a social policy for all around”